Aavays Weaning Ceremony


The word Annaprāśana (Devanagari: अन्नप्राशन) is made of two Sanskrit words, Anna meaning “cooked grains” and Prāśana meaning “feeding”. The ceremony of the Annaprāśana is referred to in English as grain initiation or rice feeding ceremony.

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Collection of  best images at Rice Feeding Party of Aavaays at Blue Room Harrow.

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What should we make for Annaprashan?

What kind of foods are offered to the baby during Annaprashan? A variety of food is served on the baby’s plate. Food for the prasad is usually rice pudding (kheer or payash) if you want to offer your baby something sweet. Or it is plain mashed rice with ghee and some well-cooked dal if you want to include savoury fare.

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