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Why tough to make money from photography?

Making money from photography can be tough for several reasons:

  1. High competition: With the widespread availability of cameras and smartphones, there are many people who can take good photos. This has led to a highly competitive market, making it difficult for individual photographers to stand out and command a premium price for their work.
  2. Pricing pressures: The proliferation of online platforms that offer free or low-cost images has put pressure on photographers to lower their prices. Many clients are willing to pay only a fraction of what they used to pay for photography, making it harder for photographers to earn a living.
  3. Copyright infringement: The ease with which images can be copied and shared online has made it difficult for photographers to protect their work and earn a fair income. Copyright infringement is rampant, and many photographers find it difficult to pursue legal action against infringers.
  4. Changing technologies: As technology evolves, the demand for traditional forms of photography may decline. For example, the rise of 360-degree and VR photography may reduce the demand for traditional still images, which could make it difficult for photographers who specialize in these areas to make a living.

Despite these challenges, there are still many opportunities for photographers to make money. Photographers who are able to differentiate themselves through their creativity, expertise, and professionalism, and who are able to market their work effectively, can still succeed in the photography industry. It may require adapting to new technologies and business models, and developing new skills and areas of expertise, but it is possible to make a living from photography.


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