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Exhibition 2019


Thank you for inviting me to attend your recent exhibition in Ealing. It was great experience for me to view your wonderful photography. Well done and keep it up and I wish you all the success in your work. I… Read More »Thanks

Stunning pictures

I really enjoyed viewing these photos. I like the London views, but my favourites were the pictures of the trees at various parks around London, especially with the mist in the background. Very clever photography.

Tour of your Artwork

Thank you, Rajan, for giving us a ‘tour’ of your artwork! This has given even more meaning to the stories you have framed. All the best – lovely work!

Illuminate the insights beauty

Thanks, Rajan Your insights and angles sometimes worth more than its destination!!! May your lenses illuminate the insights beauty of everything it focuses unknown to many!!!!

Another Artistic Level

As a proud owner of one of Raj’s earlier photos, I visited Eyes on the Common today. With his London escapes, he takes the viewer to another artistic level. Well worth a visit. Follow this young man.