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The marathon distance only became 26.2 miles during the 1908 London Olympics. Queen Alexandra requested that the distance was adjusted so the royal household could see the race from Windsor Castle. Prior to this – from 1896 to 1908 marathons of approximately 25 miles were held.
Japanese runner, Shizo Kanakuri holds the world record for the slowest marathon (54 years, 8 months and 6 days, 5 hours and 32 minutes). After dropping out of the 1912 Stockholm Olympics (but not reporting this), he was invited back to finish the race some 50 years later.
In the 1908 Olympics Italian runner, Dorando Pietri finished first in the marathon but was subsequently disqualified because the umpires had helped him up as he had fallen five times in the last few kilometres.
The Everest marathon is the highest marathon in the world. The start line is at Gorak Shep 5184m (17,000 feet), close to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.
Two confectionary bars have a marathon connection. Runners of a certain age will remember the “Marathon” bar, sadly renamed “Snickers” in 1990 as part of a global rebranding exercise. Mars sponsored the London marathon between ’84 and ’88. They provided free Mars bars in the finish area – possibly not the perfect recovery food!
The Man versus Horse Marathon takes place every year in Llanwrtyd, Wales. A horse won for the first 24 years until elite marathoner, Huw Lob, became the first human victor.

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The London marathon is the largest annual fundraising event in the world. Since its launch, runners have raised over £770 million for charity. The highest amount raised by a single runner was Steve Chalke who raised £2.33 million in 2011.

When did the London Marathon start?

The race was founded by former Olympic champion and journalist Chris Brasher and fellow athlete John Disley.

Shortly after running the New York City Marathon in 1979, Brasher wrote an article calling for London to emulate the Big Apple.

The following year Brasher and Disley made trips to America to study the organisation and finance of big city marathons.

Brasher signed a contract with Gillette for £50,000 and then on March 29, 1981, the first London Marathon was held.

More than 20,000 applied to run, 6,747 were accepted and 6,255 crossed the finish line of the race which was broadcast live on the BBC.

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