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Memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a  special moment last forever.

We all know the importance of documenting special events in life and even with something as small and seemingly insignificant as a birthday, the birthday girl would most likely see this as one of the most important events in her life and she’ll want to remember every little bit of it for the rest of eternity.

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Pasni, the Weaning Ceremony

Pasni, the Weaning Ceremony or the Rice Feeding Ceremony is a celebration in Nepal in which a child is first fed rice by the GrandFather. Although centuries-old tradition, modern science has established the fact that child’s digestive system is capable of processing solid food when they are approximately six months old which is why Pasni is held for when a baby turns six months old but it can vary between daughters and sons.

This ceremony is held at five months for daughters, and six months for sons. An auspicious date and time is chosen by an astrologer, usually a Hindu, and all the closest relatives are invited to witness and to celebrate. The rice is the first and easily digestible solid food a baby eats. This custom varies with the variation of religion, caste and also place. Gurung, Magar serve kheer (rice pudding) which is rice cooked with milk and sugar similarly Brahmin, Kshatris also do same. Whereas myriads of dishes are prepared and served in Newar. The main rice dish is served in one giant (often woven) plate of leaves. The remaining dishes, typically 84, are served around the main dish.


Very friendly and amazing photographer

Thank you so much Rajan Adhikari for bringing memories to life… amazing pictures and everyone in the venue was appreciating about your time and photography. One of the most friendly photographers I have ever meet. The album is fabulous and we love how all the effects that you have given to capture all the events. We will definitely recommend you in the future to family and friends.
Many thanks

Bandana Suwal

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