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Naauk – Nepalese Accountants Association UK


A group of Nepalese Professional Accountants currently residing and working in the UK.  We have been joined together with a common goal to promote, encourage and exchange skills in the field of accountancy and overall welfare of their members. 

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Beautiful pictures of professional people

We capture beautiful pictures of the professional people, and their family at @Vennue5

Nairas 2nd Birthday Photography By Rajan Adhikari London Based Nepali Photographer in UK

Image Gallery - NAAUK Annual Dinner Party 2021

Images of Annual Dinner Party 2021 organized by NAAUK at Venue5 Restaurant 

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Remember and Stick to Tax Deadlines!

Speaking of those sneaky tax deadlines, whatever will help you remember that the tax deadline is approaching, do it. Phone reminders, a countdown – anything. A looming tax deadline can be quite stressful, especially if you’re rushing because you forgot and any mistakes made can take longer to process.

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