London Light and Nature

Saturday 7th September 2019 : 11:00am to 5:00pm 
Sunday 8th September 2019: 11:00am to 4:00pm 

Saturday 14th September 2019 : 11:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday 15th September 2019: 11:00am to 4:00pm


R A J A N  A D H I K A R I

Photographic Exhibition

In association with Borough of Ealing Art Trail (BEAT)


This exhibition is to exhibit my photographs to the public. This is the second exhibition I have launched which includes photographs of familiar locations, iconic landmarks and architectural buildings in London and on the outskirts of London.
Light plays a vital part in my photography portraying the meaning and sentiment of the subject and where the subject is the same it is different when it’s captured in varying degrees of light and shade. Shadows turn into shapes when light hits the subject and this creates a three-dimensional piece of art and a still object in a photograph and drawing in extra focus to the shapes, patterns, repetition and lines.

Illuminated natural lights gives photographers the opportunity to see through the lens elaborate colours and shapes in forms whether man-made or in nature.

An Evolving Photographer


I am a Nepalese photographer. I’m fascinated by light reflection, shapes and colours. When I pick up a camera and look through the lens, transcended into another realm. Photography is my passion.
This little black magic box compels me to capture life in motion and in the moment seen through the lens, frame by frame it takes me on a journey to encapsulate images that tells a story.

Rajan Adhikari - A Nepalese photographer

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4 Station Parade,
Uxbridge Road,
W5 3LD


Laxmi Pratisthan is a non-profit organization, initiated by  Mr. Bishnu Gautam as a special tribute to his late sons killed in separate road traffic accidents within a period of nine months.  The organization is now a memorial foundation actively targeting and delivering diverse programs to the neediest, vulnerable and poorest in communities across Nepal, from the remotest village to the capital – Kathmandu. Read More

I was one of Mr Gautam’s son’s friends and also a classmate of Late Kumar Gautam in secondary school, We used to play Chase Board, Bagh-Chal in front of his dad’s shop, I have special and fond memories of him and I work to fulfil his legacy to continue to do charitable work for others.  In his memory and for the charity, I’m selling my pictures as greeting cards to help Nepalese parents give their children a better education, improve their living standards and provide food that is donated to the poor and needy by Laxmi Prathisthan.  Selling my greeting cards will help raise awareness of the charity and proceeds from sales will be donated to the charity. To read more about Mr Bishnu Gautam and about the charity organisation click on the link here.

£12.00 for a box of 10 greeting cards with luxury envelopes and for ‘pre-orders’, a discount of £2.00 will be applied for every set ordered.



Thank you to the sponsors for printing and packaging: Chana Chemist – Harlesden 




Thank you for inviting me to attend your recent exhibition in Ealing. It was great experience for me to view your wonderful photography. Well done and keep it up and I wish you all the success in your work. I am sure you will be rewarded to your hard work soon. All the very best !!!!

Rabindra Adhikari

Art Beat Ealing Trail

I visited a good number of those showing their work over the two weekends. I was impressed by all the hard work and the end result of very good work. Impressed with the lovely photos of Ealing Common on show at 4 Station Parade. Very strong work and a joy to view. Well done.

Glen Barnham

Stunning pictures

I really enjoyed viewing these photos. I like the London views, but my favourites were the pictures of the trees at various parks around London, especially with the mist in the background. Very clever photography.

Caroline Ward

Nepalese photographer who was so nice

The beautiful pictures you see in the article are of Rajan Adhikari, a Nepalese photographer who was so nice as to come and take pictures at the event. Rajan lives in London, a city that he considers “the most beautiful and iconic city on earth”. He is pursuing the path of photographer. We would be mostly grateful if you could consider Rajan as your professional photographer for anything you might need.

Claudia Landini via

Tour of your Artwork

Thank you, Rajan, for giving us a ‘tour’ of your artwork! This has given even more meaning to the stories you have framed. All the best – lovely work!

Vittoria S via Visitor Book

Illuminate the insights beauty

Thanks, Rajan Your insights and angles sometimes worth more than its destination!!! May your lenses illuminate the insights beauty of everything it focuses unknown to many!!!!

bhumi7902 via FB

Another Artistic Level

As a proud owner of one of Raj’s earlier photos, I visited Eyes on the Common today. With his London escapes, he takes the viewer to another artistic level. Well worth a visit. Follow this young man.

Marianne Harvey via Creffield Nextdoor