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London Light and Nature

R A J A N  A D H I K A R I

Photographic Exhibition

In association with Borough of Ealing Art Trail (BEAT)


This exhibition is to exhibit my photographs to the public. This is the second exhibition I have launched which includes photographs of familiar locations, iconic landmarks and architectural buildings in London and on the outskirts of London.
Light plays a vital part in my photography portraying the meaning and sentiment of the subject and where the subject is the same it is different when it’s captured in varying degrees of light and shade. Shadows turn into shapes when light hits the subject and this creates a three-dimensional piece of art and a still object in a photograph and drawing in extra focus to the shapes, patterns, repetition and lines.

Illuminated natural lights gives photographers the opportunity to see through the lens elaborate colours and shapes in forms whether man-made or in nature.

[block_title title=”Snap of Exhibition 2019″ text_above=”A Photographic Exhibition in Association with BEAT “]Borough of Ealing Art Trail (BEAT 2019), participated in Art Trail[/block_title]