Rajan Adhikari – an evolving photographer

I am a Nepalese photographer currently settled in London. From childhood, I’ve been fascinated by light, reflection, and colour. At the age of 8 my parents gave me my first camera and when I picked it up and looked through the lens, I was transcended into another realm. From that moment on, photography became my passion. My second camera, a Nikon D810, was given to me by my lovely wife. This little black magic box allows me to hide behind it yet focus through it to record that magical moment, leading me on, compelling me to grab the image and capture the next one.

Through a camera – I communicate visually. The experience of recording a moment in time, whilst standing still, is exhilarating. Photography changed my perspective of viewing what I was seeing and transformed my life greatly. It has enabled me to show others what I see differently, constantly looking at a different angle, being creative but true to nature, promoting industry, thrilling people and … always learning!

I enjoy taking pictures of architecture, landscapes, portraits, and nature using light and casting shadows to emphasize and make pictorial statements.


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